Why you need a professional headshot
The UK is in the midst of a ‘Start-Up Revolution’ which is seeing record numbers of people setting-up new businesses. This infographic explains why  a
How to prepare for a family photo shoot
Family photo shoots are becoming ever-more popular in the UK. The more of them I do, the more I’m learning that there are a few
Family Photo Shoot Inspiration Blog
So, you have a plan to get your family together for a professional photography session. Whether it’s a big crowd of extended family or just
How to capture sincere emotions in your photographs Blog
The best photos are those that convey the most genuine emotion, capture the imagination or tell a story. It can be pretty tough to see
Questions to ask your wedding photographer (Blog Title)
Choosing a photographer is often one of the most important decisions to be made when planning a wedding. Your photos will be a lasting record

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