Capturing The Perfect Wedding Confetti Shot

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Sugar Photography on How to capture the perfect wedding confetti photo (blog)

That iconic traditional wedding photo of smiling newlyweds surrounded by a cloud of confetti is a glorious thing. I love shooting those split-second snippets of emotion – each and every one is different from the next. Here are my top tips towards preparing for a breathtaking confetti shot.

Be prepared

How to take the perfect wedding confetti shot - a blog from Sugar Photography

Wedding Confetti – Bride and Groom kissing in a cloud of colourful confetti

Discuss your confetti shot with your photographer to ensure everyone is well prepared. Ask to see your photographer’s portfolio and describe your preferred photographic style. Your photographer might suggest a pose or a dramatic kiss to add a ‘wow’ factor to your confetti moment. Agree on the location and the timeline to ensure your photographer will be ahead of you and ready to capture the moment.

Bring along the perfect confetti

Wedding confetti photo taken at Walton Hall in West Yorkshire

There is a lot of confetti out there to choose from. Guests are buying less and less and, if you take charge, you can match your wedding styling and ensure it’s good quality stuff.

Medium-sized is best, a slight metallic coating is good because it catches the light really nicely. Flower petals are my favourite because they are natural, biodegradable and will fall slowly to give me plenty of time to get my photo. Avoid overly massive, small or heavy flakes that fall very quickly or obscure faces (don’t even talk to me about rice…!)

Your photographer will thank you if you set aside a few boxes for a staged shot or some creative photos with your wedding party. (I always pack my own too, just to make sure we have plenty).

Be considerate

Wedding confetti photo taken outside of a church

Biodegradable confetti and steering clear of grass will ease the clean-up operation. It’s also well worth running your plan by your venue because many (especially churches) have rules surrounding the use of confetti.

Direct the crowd (as much as possible)

Wedding confetti thrown from a height

Ask your wedding guests to stand close to each other and to throw the confetti high into the air. You’ll only get one chance, so it’s worth asking bridesmaids and ushers to help with directing the crowd. I usually shout a count-down to get confetti in the air at the same time – with confetti in abundance, I direct several attempts to capture that winning shot. Larger wedding gatherings are fabulous when shot from above.

Go slowly

Wedding confetti falls on a smiling bride and groom

I cannot stress this enough. Often, there is an impulse to run – fight it! Take direction from your photographer and you will be more likely to get a breathtaking photograph.

In summary …

Preparation is key and good photographer will have plenty of creative ideas plus the experience and talent to direct you on your Big Day. Most importantly of all – have fun!

A bride laughs as she is showered with colourful confetti on her wedding day

Are you planning your wedding? Give me a call, I’d love to join you and capture your special memories – contact me.