How To Prepare For Your Family Photo Shoot [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to prepare for a family photo shoot
How to prepare for your family photo shoot.

Family photo shoots are becoming ever-more popular in the UK. The more of them I do, the more I’m learning that there are a few vital ways to maximise the fun and diffuse any stress that you might feel in the run-up to your big day. So, here I’m sharing those points in order to help you in getting a superb collection of images for your family photo album.

Tips are shared in an infographic, below; or scroll down further if you prefer to read the long-form article.

INFOGRAPHIC full of advice on how to prepare for your family photo shoot

Be positive – it’s contagious!

Happy family on a park bench. All eyes on Mum.

It’s so very true that excited and happy grown-ups make for excited and happy little people! Be positive about the photoshoot and you will transfer that great feeling to your children, ensuring that their mood on the day is the best it can be. This will bring energy to your photos and set the scene for a fun experience. 

Pack a bag

Baby with cuddly toy

Let’s face it, if small children are involved then simply getting out of the house can be quite a challenge! Of course we can’t control everything, but getting ready the day before your shoot can make a huge difference. Make sure you have your bag stocked with everything your young ones might need. Throw in a favourite toy for good measure as it might be a handy prop, or just useful in keeping their attention or resetting frazzled moods during our session. 

Know your destination

Be as clear as possible about the location of your photo shoot. If you’re heading out and about with me, I’m likely to exchange phone numbers with you and give you at least one big landmark to aim for, a few options for car parking – maybe even a photo of the meeting place! This prior preparation will ensure that you arrive on time, feeling calm and relaxed – ready for the fun time ahead.

Release flustered feelings

A small girl dressed as a fairy opens her arms wide and sticks out her tongue. Studio photo shoot.

I’ll never rush into taking photographs as, experience has taught me that some wind-down time is essential on arrival – especially where young children or toddlers are involved. I might instigate a fun game or activity to get everyone comfortable in their surroundings (whilst letting the toddlers explore), and I will attempt to get to know you all a little so that I can capture the personalities in your team. 

Act natural

A family walk side-by-side with arms linked in a woodland setting. Newmillardam, West Yorkshire.

Easier said than done, right? I know that, so I tend to mix poses with play or interaction in order to give you a set of more formal, posed photos alongside natural images that are genuine and sincere, reflecting your personalities and attempting to capture a little magic too. For example, I might position you in a pose and take some photos, before asking you to interact in some way. This often prompts some unexpected moment of humour or expression of emotion that gets captured in my lens.

Ready to go?

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